The Winter Blues. ~ Living La Vida Lola

The Winter Blues.

The winter blues

The winter blues are upon me.

Today I’m writing a very short post, one which I just wanted to get on paper because it is so grey outside.

Those who follow Living La Vida Lola will know that I have a dream to have a little place for Lola and I somewhere in Europe within the next five years.  Having lived overseas for 12 years I am happy to have my base back in the UK – Lola is settled after being through so many moves which is one of the most important things to me – but in February when the excitement of Christmas is a distant memory and the days are very short, I could do with some blue skies!

Sometimes it is hard to keep one eye on the long term goal when you are embroiled in daily life; for me I have been consumed in completing my book but I have managed to keep my dream on the radar. Some may call it procrastinating but I call it my sanity time! I spend a short time each week looking at property news, reading about places I’m interested in visiting and making notes about places I’d like to be, I am relaxed about the fact that it will take a few years but of course, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the journey to get to where we want to be is all part of it.


Collioure, blue skies galore

On days like today where at nine-thirty in the morning I am looking at grey skies and still have my lights on it can be hard, but these are the times to fight through it, write another chapter and perhaps allow myself that thirty minutes of exploration online! Seeing a scene in southern Italy or perhaps a Spanish Finca is just enough to inspire me to work despite wanting to return to my warm snuggly bed!

It is after all, only thirty-seven days to Spring – I just hope we are blessed with some blue skies in the meantime while I await its arrival.

Keeping yourself inspired, remembering why you are doing something and allowing yourself a break are very healthy habits to keep so I wonder, do you do these things? Write in the comments to let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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