From Inspiration To Overwhelm.

Inspiration to Overwhelm

I wanted to write a short post today to share with you how the last couple of days have been having finally published Clancy Goes To France.

If you have been following the story, you will know that the book, and the challenge was always about family – about being able to share a trip to France with my father despite his inability to be in the car with us.

The goal was always to finish the road trip then successfully write a book, and now that goal is complete. It’s time to move on to the business of selling and raising money for MS, realistically this is just the start of another challenge.

The reason being this whole thing however, was dad. I wanted to be able to give him something that he would be proud of and could read and feel that he was there with us.

Inspiration from my fatherYesterday was emotional and overwhelming. Dad read the first few chapters of the book but he had to read them several times because he was holding back the tears and that is more important than all the sales in the world. It is irreplaceable.

So today, I am having a day off with Lola to take stock before we move forward. You see, being self-employed and working at home means I often work seven days a week. That isn’t where I want to be, so now the book is complete, I intend to work only when Lola is at school – in fact isn’t that what this is all about?

Making the most of time with our loved ones.



If you would like to purchase Clancy Goes To France the full details are on the website or it can be found here on AmazonThe digital copy is available now with the paperback coming soon.

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