On The Road

On the Road.

This is the part of our website I can only compare to our engine. Exploring lesser known places in our car is a passion, and to bring you our experiences we need to be out there, on the road. 

I’m working on developing this to be a roadmap to our travels, and you will be able to use this page as a  navigation for useful and entertaining articles. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question; I love researching so if you have a dream in mind let me know, I may be able to help! 

For ease of reference I have a page which will help those landing on French soil who are new to  driving in France. It will give you the information you need if you are considering touring France from the UK or further afield. The road rules are the same wherever you come from!

If you are looking for somewhere to stay I will be sharing the different accommodation we have used as I develop the website. Personally, we love to stay on campsites in France because they are so well organised and have great facilities, as well as good self catering mobile homes. For an overview of the places we are covering please go to our places to stay in France, a page that will give you a guide to start from.

Bear with me while I work on further development here. For the moment (and very appropriately) I’m running late and need to get on the road!


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