France is a Big Country. Does that seem like a silly thing to say?

France is a big country.

France, Pont du GardDoes that sound like a silly thing to say?

I thought so too before I took off on our road trip last year. My dad used those words and I didn’t get it; that was until I was in the Pyrenees alone with a child knowing I was only a fifth of the way into our journey. ┬áThat road trip for MS enlightened me to the scale of such a drive and the size of France.

It is diverse country and one which I will write more of as I continue to explore with Lola but for now let us start with the places I know.

The aim is to give you an overview of each region, a road map (pardon the pun!) to find your own way around and to give you useful information about France along the way regarding weather, house prices and places to stay. As time moves along and as Lola and I travel more so the content will grow, my dad was absolutely correct! France is a big country and it is one that offers something for everyone.

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