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What We Do

Our Ethos

It's simple, life is short and we believe that the best way to live it is by sharing it. Fun and experiences are the best way for children to learn and being present while they do so is incredibly rewarding for adult family members.  It's not always easy to find the right balance so our goal is to support parents wherever we can.

Travels with Lola - Memoirs

Books for grown ups! These books are full length non-fiction memoirs documenting our travels. To be honest, these are my guilty pleasure. Being able to write and reminisce about the places we visit is wonderful and if I can inspire you to follow a few of those dreams too, it's a bonus!

Mini Memoirs - Educational Travel Books

Based on our travels, excursions and adventures, these children's books are written by Lola and I together. They include photos of places we visit and illustrations crafted by Lola's hand!

The idea is that these books align with the adult memoirs so that we can offer a package for all of the family to enjoy.​

Love Live Learn

These are books we create as part of our daily life, learning along the way. Lola's involvement means that she is learning in such a way that it doesn't feel like a lesson! We hope that other families take our lead and do the same. It brings all generations together and benefits everyone through the time shared with loved ones.

In more detail...

This is the part of Living La Vida Lola where I share what we do at home. This includes creation of resources for families who wish to spend time together, embracing the world around us a classroom.

I am passionate about the Montessori approach to education and although Lola does attend a local setting I also educate at her at home and on our travels. In addition to this, I am a self-employed writer and working at home is one of the things I have to weave into the equation, balancing it with being a single mum.

My ongoing project which brings all of these things together is Travels With Lola, a series of books that allows me to share our journey with our readers. Lola is very much a part of the writing, illustrating and publishing process and loves both the research (read travel!) and putting it all together.

I am currently restructuring our website but this page will the hub of the things we get up to while we are in the UK, our daily life I suppose.

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