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European Road Trip For MS

 Our longest European road trip took place in 2013, but I’ve left the post here for you to learn more about what drives me. We do continue to travel in our Peugeot 504, Clancy, and I’m still writing!

Clancy Goes to France is now published and sales of the book contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Original posts follows.

Lola and I are pleased that you’ve taken the time to come over and see what we are doing in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. We are taking Clancy, an old Peugeot 504 with over 1 Million Km on the clock on a European Road Trip and I will write a book about our experiences when we return.

Peugeot 504 ready for our European Road Trip

Almost time to leave!

The car, which was last year featured in an Autocar article, started life in Australia and did many of those miles working in the Outback before being driven across land to the UK where it now resides with my dad. The car, I should mention, is called Clancy.

As for Lola and I, she is three and a half years old and the love of my life! I am a single parent and although at times it is difficult, I hope that as well as raising money for MS I will also help people to see that anything is achievable if you commit and put your mind to it. I am taking donations throughout the planning and journey but at the end I will write a book which I will sell with proceeds being donated to the Charity.

European road trip

Getting Clancy ready to leave for France.

The third element of the challenge is the reason I am doing this, my father. He has run Peugeot for 40 years and loved to explore France when his health was better. He has had MS for 34 years, since he was 39 and his love for cars and travel is something that I have inherited. He is helping us with planning the challenge and very much looking forward to watching us as we explore in September this year.

I invite you to read my blog posts as the challenge takes shape and would also like to give you some key points of contact.

If you would like to verify that this is genuine charity event please go to MS Permission to Fundraise letter.

In addition I am writing a book about our trip and all proceeds will go to the charity. (Now published!)

Please email if you wish to contact me directly.

Our Facebook page is – follow me to find out how things are progressing, I can’t promise daily updates but when I have access I will post pictures and let you know what we’ve been up to.

I am of course happy to hear from sponsors or anyone who has anything that could be useful. I am fortunate that Peugeot UK are supporting me and overhauling the car prior to the event. This is paramount for our safety and well-being. Things like arranging a SIM card which will work while we are away and simple things like sleeping bags are also on the list, so if you know of anyone who may be able to help please drop me a line.  I can also pop your logo on the car if you would like your business to be seen as a sponsor.

The most important thing about this challenge is of course our safety. I am also building a network of contacts along my route which will serve both as a bush telegraph and back up in case anything goes awry. If you think you can help with this I’d love to hear from you.

Once again thank you for visiting, please share, spread the word and help us raise some money for MS.



This is the proposed map, subject to change if the weather gets nasty or Lola and I need a break! It will give you an idea of the plan though. I’ve used my paper maps (thank you Michelin!) and Google maps and via Michelin have both been great for planning this European Road Trip!

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