Cherish every moment.

The Gift of Being a Parent

Inspiration Letters To Lola
Cherish every moment.
Lola at Siblu, Domaine de Dugny. Onzain


Every day Lola makes me aware of the gift I can give her through travel.

She reminds me of something that happened on our trip, she asks when she can go on a ferry again, asks questions about why mountains are so big but most importantly she says “I love spending ALL my time with you mummy”.  Of course that is not always possible, but it is a lovely thing to hear.

She asks how to say things in French, Spanish and Italian; not being fluent myself I sometimes need to check;  she is also giving me the gift of learning with her. It’s a journey we can travel together and enjoy and I feel very privileged to be on course with her.

It’s not just about travel, it is about exploring the world every day. I am not the navigator, I follow her lead. Her instinct and desire to explore whether it be language, physics, creativity or other is her own internal compass and I am simply there to be the facilitator.

To see the look on her face when she figures something out or is doing something she loves makes my heart swell to the point I need to take a deep breath. To hear her giggle when she’s made up a funny song in another room and doesn’t think I’m listening brings a tear to my eye.

We often hear the saying “a child is a gift” but it is so much more than that. The child is just the start of the gift; the joy that comes from being present, from being aware and by sharing yourself completely is unquestionable and all consuming if you allow it to be.

Take 5 minutes today to just sit and use your senses.

Listen, watch and remind yourself of what is around you, the little things that get missed when you are rushing to your next super important task. Appreciate the gift of being a parent because before you know it those moments will be gone.





7 thoughts on “The Gift of Being a Parent”

  1. I can only imagine what beauty is building within Lola from the travels that she shares with you. Even more, she is receiving the most wonderful treasure that any child can: the loving, accepting, fully-present attention from her mother. You are inviting her to cultivate herself fully – emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. You are a gift to her, and she to you!

  2. Being present is so important; it’s lovely to read hoe you are paying attention to small messages and quiet happy moments. My son is now 23 and I can tell you that it only gets better, bigger, more fun. Yes, even the teenage years!

  3. What a beautiful post. I truly believe the gift of presence is the greatest gift we can give to our children and to ourselves. Learning to pause and just “be” in the moment, without our mind and bodies racing on to that next thing, is an often difficult practice, but SO worthwhile. Thank you.

  4. This is beautiful, and I am proud to say that I can relate. I am so proud of the creative, curious, attentive 2-year old that my daughter has become, and I agree entirely – it is an inexplicable joy to be a parent. 🙂 Thank you for creating yet another reminder. We can’t get enough.
    -Mark Unleashed.

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