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Social Media Detox

View from Pont du Gard. A fabulous place to visit in France

It’s time for me to take a step back and practice what I preach, a social media detox is something I desperately need.

I’ve written on numerous occasions about the impact Social Media can have on our lives as well as the difficulty in balancing earning a living with family. As a single mum I have chosen not to work in paid employment but to be self-employed and with this comes stress – a lot of it.

But I still choose to settle for an irregular income because it allows me to spend time with Lola.

At times I feel like chucking it in and seeking full time employment, but that would bring another set of problems. I went down that road a couple of years ago and whilst I had money in the bank I had a miserable four year old child who told me just before Christmas…

“I don’t want any presents mummy, I just want to be with you at home.”

Getting home at 6pm, having Lola fall asleep before I’d even managed to get food ready – those are compromises I don’t want to make.

I have just achieved a major goal in publishing my book but rather than feeling elated I am experiencing an urge to step back, to take advantage of the crossroads I have reached and to give a life with minimal online interaction a go. That’s hard when your business relies heavily on the internet so I am planning to design a strict schedule for myself, take care of things around the house and most importantly, spend a little time improving my own eating and exercise habits.

Can I do it? A 21 Day Social Media Detox? We’ll see, but I have to picture the life I desire which means time with real people in the real world.   I must take steps to live my vision and the only way I’ll know whether it fits is if I try it on.

I will allow myself fifteen minutes a day to check messages and post on my pages, then I will switch off and tune in to my real life. If it works, I’ll share it with you, and perhaps if overwhelm from Social Media is something you’d like to conquer you’ll join me?

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