Balance and Success. Can the two really co-exist?

Success is achieved only when all that one wants is finely balanced with all that one needs.


Balance and success, a conundrum at very least.

I admit it. I have a daily quote calendar which sits in my kitchen window and the page gets turned every morning. I wake up, put the coffee on and turn the page, it’s part of the routine.

Today’s quote was:

“Success is achieved when all that one wants is finely balanced with all that one needs”

I reflected on this while I was wandering around the supermarket this morning, getting sucked in to buying things I don’t really need; I ended up buying only necessities, coming home with a few more pounds in my pocket than I might usually.

If I take this quote fully on board, I think I must be successful. I may not be rolling in piles of cash and yes there are things that I want, but really I don’t need them at all; essentially I am happy, getting by and feeling positive. I am able to work at home and enjoy my daughter’s early years and whilst that may not be for everyone it makes me incredibly happy.

In two years she will be at school and if I want to, I can go back to my career but in all honesty I can’t see it happening. Having taken this step back from the corporate world I have been able to focus on what’s important and have learned to make do. I don’t want to go back to buying things I don’t need, working to please others only to find myself exhausted and unhappy.

That said, motherhood is tiring and at times I wander in a haze of confusion induced by lack of sleep but it is for the right reason. It is because I have got up during the night to care for a child who has eczema and asthma which is preventing her from sleeping. She is too young to care for herself and my purpose for now is to provide her with everything she needs.

It is not forever, one day she will grow up and not need my help. I can see that day coming far too quickly so for now I am going to continue living simply, having what I need and hopefully in the fullness of time the wants will fall into place.

What about you? Are you living you life happily whilst enjoying equal amounts of balance and success? 


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