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Balance In A Busy World

Do you ever notice that whilst some days seem to drag past, you then look back only to find that the time has flown? Finding balance in today’s busy world is hard, and it’s not helped by distractions of modern living.

It’a 14 months since I started to think about our trip across the channel and it’s so easy as daily life happens around you, to let the time slip past, unaware of things that are going on outside of our own little bubbles.

We think, “there’s always tomorrow”, but what it there is no tomorrow?

I have to admit, over the last few weeks I’ve been focused on studying and creating content for an eBook and planning my vision for the future of my business. I have mostly been thinking, “it’s only a few more weeks until you can take your foot off the pedal”, but today it’s caught up with me and I’m a little tired so I’m back in my making the most of every moment frame of mind, the one where I reflect on balance and time.

Lola's got the balance right!

Lola’s got the balance right!

Finding the balance between personal and professional life is hard. Whether you work in a day job with long hours or work at home as I do, there is inevitably a struggle to get it right.

I am lucky though, I am happy which is something a lot of people can’t say. I tried going to work last year and whist the extra money was helpful I had a 4 year old daughter with asthma who was asking me to be at home; I made the choice to be with her and work at home again and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Many people think that their day job is the only option, but that is not true; we all have choices, but unless you understand what is most important to you and the specific things that make you unhappy at work, simply jumping ship won’t help.

Being able to identify what wealth means to you is a great start; for me wealth is time, health and happiness, for others it is a shiny new car and a big house. It’s all good, we’re each different after all.

I am going to be writing more on this subject as I think it’s something that can help people to move themselves out of a rut. Small changes can make big differences across all areas of your life. Learning to step back and understand your inner compass is the key to you finding your own route to happiness.

For now, I must pop off to pick Lola up, today’s post has been a little short but a basis to write more on later.

We all need balance in a busy world, but we’re often too busy to realise it!

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