Ballet with Lola

The Ballet Class That Changed Our Lives.

Happiness With Less Letters To Lola

Dancing makes me happy, no I don’t mean dancing around in my underwear to 80s music (that’s a whole other story), I’m talking about 30 minutes on a Friday when I get to watch Lola dancing. She doesn’t attend a dance school with uniforms, we tried that and it didn’t suit us at the moment, she attends a local church hall and has great fun with her teacher Alison at Little Dancers, the ballet class that changed our lives.

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? But it really is a simple story, read on to find out more.

Even though I write about how I feel it is important to switch off and tune in to what’s happening in your life it can be hard to be completely present at times. This half an hour on a Friday I get to sit and watch Lola having the time of her life, sometimes a stifle a tear as she glances over her shoulder and gives me a big smile as only she can.  It’s a reminder of how precious these things are, on the days when I really wish I didn’t have to drive into Bath it is very easy to remind myself of why it’s worth it even if it’s tipping down with rain.

Last year I took paid employment, something which went against my gut feeling but seemed necessary at the time, one of the things that helped me to realise that it was the wrong the decision was Lola deciding that she didn’t want to go to ballet anymore. I am lucky, she is articulate even as a 4 year old and told me that it was because she wanted me to take her, it wasn’t the ballet that was the problem, it was her need to feel secure. I have to admit last year was a little crazy, in fact the last few years have been  but I count myself lucky to be strong enough and determined enough to make the choice I did, to return to self employment.

Life is worth it!

I  know that not everyone has the same priorities as me but I  know that being there for my daughter whatever it takes, is my priority. Being able to watch how much pleasure she gets from dancing and knowing that my decision has allowed her to do that makes Fridays so much more than just a ballet class. They are a reminder of why I do what I do and a motivator to build my business and help others who share similar feelings to do the same.

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