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The Writer Returns

Ferry to france

I haven’t written much for over a year. My desire to write never left, but grief tamed my spirit. It’s only now that I find moments where the words start to flow, so I’m embracing the challenge to write the next book. 

Here is the first couple of hundred words…short and sweet but progress at least.


Six years ago I visited France with some naivety. I embarked upon a mission to traverse far and wide, to cover as many miles as possible. This time is different. I understand the challenges of racing from pillar to post and intend to savour every moment. No dawn until dusk driving; just enjoying each sunrise and sunset as they blush the horizon. 

Brittany is the chosen location – Finistère to be more precise. If you approach from Plymouth, you see the beauty as soon as you dock in Roscoff, however if approaching by land you could be forgiven for feeling like you’re chasing a land of fairytales. 

Brittany’s history runs deep. It is a land of white sand, magical forests and turquoise waters; it is also home to treacherous waves and cliffs whose stunning facades hide unseen dangers. But most of all, Brittany offers hospitality, excellent food and something for everyone. Part of me wishes to protect our little corner of paradise, but fortunately the voice that wants to shout from the rooftops is louder. 

And so it begins. Colours of Brittany. Let me take you away to a place I long to explore.

A 2024 Update

Thanks for reading. It's now 2024, and it seems that I'm finally able to return to Brittany in .June. I appreciate you sticking around!

I'm also working on my sister website to this one. Lola is growing up, and I'm exploring my passion for art now. I write about art and travel, and also paint. If you're looking for  landscape painting ideas, or want to enjoy armchair explorations as I travel with my paints, please join me. I've just bought a new camera, so there will be plenty of travel photography and articles too.

I'll be posting more regularly this year, so thanks for staying with me. I appreciate it!


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