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Happiness With Less.

Happiness with Less is my new motto. At times it’s hard to remain positive when the end of the month approaches and I have bills bearing down on me, but I remind myself of the choices I’ve made, I take a deep breath and trust that eventually things will come right.

You see, I couldn’t stop writing the book, it is too important to me. I won’t stop spending as much time as possible with Lola because she is my world – it’s as simple as that. It is my choice not to work full time in a traditional job and it’s my choice to write and do what I enjoy so I must live according to my means.

The thing is, it isn’t really a compromise because I have a very happy child who I find incredibly inspiring. She understands that if we save any money we have when the bills are paid it pays for us to go on holiday once a year, she also understands that the book is “our book”, and reminds me that I must finish it – she is 5.

But when I consider the bigger picture I actually couldn’t be much happier – yes it would be easier to have more money but it would make me less happy so there is no compromise.

So happiness with less is my new motto to live by, I will write about it and I will live by it and I will enjoy it – even when I know I have the bills to pay.

Happiness With Less is the new category on this page and one which I hope to inspire you with and if you have a story you would like to share please contact me and I will be happy to publish here for you.





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