A Little About The Car, A Peugeot 504 With Over A Million Kms On The Clock.

Travelling with Children

I suppose that I should really let you all in on the car I’m taking.

The car has travelled all the way from Australia after being used on an Outback farm for many years. An article was written about it last year by Autocar, here is the link.

..AutoCar Article. One Million KMs. Peugeot 504

Here are a couple of pictures!

Peugeot 504

Dad and Lola

I am writing a little eBook for you all about the car, the journey so far and also a bit about my dad and his other beloved Peugeots. I will let you know as soon as it is ready.

2 thoughts on “A Little About The Car, A Peugeot 504 With Over A Million Kms On The Clock.”

  1. Hi,
    Now I have known your dad for a good number of years. I was member number 008 in Club Peugeot U.K.. I had a Peugeot 203 for many years and a customised Peugeot 504 pickup which I bought new and travelled 232,000 miles in.
    Pleased to see you doing something for M.S. as my ex sister in law has it and another great Peugeot enthusiast Cyril Fox, his wife died with it and only 64 years old and Cyril hasn’t been the same man since.
    I was having a good banter with your dad down at the Thornfalcon old vehicle gathering last year.
    Best of luck, I will follow things as you progress.
    Best Wishes,

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