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Day to Day Life Travelling with Children

Well today I’ve popped over to see my dad to have a chat about taking his old car across Europe. I’m so glad I’ve decided to do this as it is also giving me the opportunity to listen to many of his stories, take notes and hopefully expand on them when I travel myself. I have come home with a pile of maps and books about France which I can’t wait to dig in to. It’s all very exciting.

I have bought a whiteboard and gone into organising mode as trying to arrange something like this as well as run a 3 year old daughter and run a business is a little challenging. For anyone with a new baby who thinks that nappy brain goes away when your baby grows up, sorry it doesn’t! I have pencils and paper in every room I am so forgetful!

So, what next? Well I have registered with two charities, I have made a list of possible sponsors and I am now writing a proposal. I have a huge amount of research and awareness work to do if this is to be a success and you know what, I’m loving it.

I am now of to pick up Lola after which I’m going to start diving into these books I have. You may well see snippets of what I discover shared over the coming weeks and months.

That’s all for today, short but sweet!

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