Step Two. Planning Has Started For 2 Girls And A Lion!

Day to Day Life France Road Trip Challenge Travelling with Children

Just a quick post today. I am happy to say that as well as working with the MS Society on my proposed challenge I now have the full support of Peugeot UK.

I have until September to get organised, it is a long time away but I want to do the trip when there are not too many tourists around. The idea is really to get a little lost, to explore and to bring to my readers a little bit of everything from the places I visit.

The four and a half months I have left to plan will fly past and although it’s plenty of time there is much to be done. The places I stay at need to be suitable for a 3 year old as well as accessible. I will be using a number of campsites as satellites while I explore each region as I don’t want to be packing up every morning and moving on. This strategy means that it will not be too disruptive for Lola but we will easily be able to visit places 100km from our base each day, knowing that we have a place to go back to and relax in the evening.

I am also trying to add a little fun to the trip and find a “Princess Castle” wherever we go. It’s a little bit of bribery to keep Lola entertained and also something I can photograph and write about, a win win situation, Lola gets to learn and have fun and I get to write my book and raise some money for charity.

That’s all for today, I now have to pop out to pick up my own little princess from nursery and return to mum mode!

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