France Road Trip. Day One, Brittany to Loire

France Road Trip. Day One, Brittany to The Loire

Bonjour France! – our road trip is about to commence as finally we touch down on your tarmac! We left the UK yesterday and the day has arrived – we are here ready to embark on our challenge; I would like to say fresh from the ferry but I would be lying, I haven’t slept well at all.

The first day of our French road trip had us driving from Brittany to the Loire. Our arrival to French soil is lovely – the sky blue, the sun low in the sky and the nerves under control; despite crazy drivers in a rush to get to the motorway it is looking like a good day.

This is the route we are taking. avoiding tolls and motorways and hopefully enjoying the scenery.

I am not sure what to expect but I hope it will be enjoyable, Clancy is ready to roll and Lola is excited, I’m  a little anxious but now is not the time to worry, it is the time to focus and drive!

Today we are heading south to Rennes then on towards Angers before cutting across country to Onzain, I’m hoping we’ll have a relatively easy day because it is a Sunday. We have plenty of fuel and food and drinks to keep us going but I will be stopping along the way – I’m not sure whether we’ll have time to stop for very long and take in the scenery or visit a chateau but whatever happens today will help me to benchmark the days ahead.

Compared to some of the other drives through France we have planned over the coming month, this one is probably one of the easiest. It’s letting me in gently for what is ahead. Once we arrive at our destination, Siblu Domaine du Dugny, I will post some pictures and a brief round up of our first day driving in France.

The overall planned route can be found here with an overview of why we’re doing this as well as the background of Clancy, our Peugeot 504D.

You can use these posts as your own road trip planner if you like and eventually my book will relate the full story of our trip in order to raise money for MS.  Once the book is published I will post a sample of each chapter on this page too, a little teaser to keep you on your toes.In addition, I’ve put together a guide to driving in France, it will give you all you need to know regarding speed limits, the documents you must carry and and required equipment.

By the way, if you’d like to verify that I am a genuine fundraiser for the MS Society, then please go to this page, I am also happy to provide a contact if you need further validation.

For now I am going to leave you, I have a long day ahead, and although it’s exciting my attention must now go the many fast cars revving their engines trying to get off the ferry! I’m not going to race them but I am hoping to avoid one of them running into me, no patience for those drivers, unlike us who mean to make the most of our French road trip!

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