The Essence of Living La Vida Lola. ~ Making the Most of Time

The Essence of Living La Vida Lola.

For a long time my tagline has been “Making The Most Of Time” and those words still mean a great deal to me, but today I realised that perhaps this site needs a little refresh to help you understand what the Essence of Living La Vida Lola really is.

You may ask how do travel, small business articles, parenting and living a simple life come together here, but actually there is one common factor – time.


Making the Most of Time



  • We need time to enjoy the world around us with our loved ones, I teach Lola and cherish every moment we are away from home where I can focus on being mum. Time is precious.


  • We need to make time to enjoy life with our loved ones. Finding the balance is hard.

Small Business

  • I am self employed and want to inspire and help others who also desire this freedom to do so. Time is always the enemy when you’re running a business, yet we must not forget to spend time to spend with our loved ones


  • We waste time on online, not least on social media. Finding the balance with this and your personal and business life is hard. Learn to simplify, enjoy the little things and make the most of every moment.


In the pages of Living La Vida Lola, you will find articles and resources relating to all of the above, it is essentially the way I live my life with Lola and something I believe in. Making the most of time was the tagline from day one, but I think that it is only now, four years later that I am ready to take the bull by the horns and share everything with the world!


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