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Clancy Goes To France

Clancy Goes To France

Before I dive in to books I’ve enjoyed myself here is a purely self promotional post!

My book, the memoir of our trip to France in Clancy the Peugeot with 1 Million KM on the clock, is due to be released in March 2015.

As the time approaches I will be posting competitions for you to win signed copies and other goodies so pop your details in the opt in form at the bottom of the page to be notified when the fun starts!

Now that’s out of the way here are some other favourites of mine.

I love a good travel memoir but I am also here to help educate, inspire and entertain you so on this page you’ll find links to the books I have enjoyed recently. There’s also reference to a few older books which I’ve picked up in charity shops that you might like to hunt down!

I haven’t been able to track down links to a couple of my favourite books about France but for your reference:

  • Hidden France – Richard Binns
  • Travellers France – Arthur Eperon.

Both of these books are old but wonderful to read and be inspired. As someone who spends half my life digesting maps and researching off the beaten track places those two are just the ticket!


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These books are available on Amazon via the links.


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