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Brittany is beautiful. It is almost two years since I spent a memorable long weekend there, it was a flying visit but very enjoyable. In this article, the first of a series of articles about Brittany, I let you into a little secret memory of mine. I hope you enjoy.

We have been to Brittany more than once but this time we stayed at Carantec – only twenty minutes from the ferry at Roscoff at Yelloh! Les Mouettes. I won’t write too much about where we stayed in today’s post though, instead I”ll tell you a little story which made my day.

Lola and I together with Clancy drove around the coastal route, the plan was to get off the main roads and have a look around. After passing through Morlaix we headed north towards the Pink Granite coast, it was on our way there whilst driving down narrow lanes on a whim that we saw something I will always remember.

We parked Clancy on the deserted beach side car park, we were on a headland with a beautiful sweeping bay to enjoy looking at. It was May and the air was definitely a bit chilly, we both had warm clothes on – certainly not a day for swimming.

As Lola played with her bucket and spade I saw a car pull up behind us, an elderly lady, stooping as she walked came down on to the beach in her swimming costume. We could see that she was finding walking hard yet she came – and she passed – and she walked into the sea.

For the next five minutes I felt like an intruder, she didn’t swim but was up to her hips, wading in the water against the lull of the waves. I noticed a figure approaching to my right and turned to see an elderly gentlemen with a walking stick, carrying a towel and a robe. He walked down to the water’s edge and handed the lady her gown – they walked back up the beach hand in hand.

To this day I remember this clearly, not because I am a romantic but because it is such a clear example of making the most of every day.

I imagine this is part of their routine, I only saw one house on the way down to this beach and I guess it may be theirs.

I imagine they would go home to potter in their garden and just be happy together.

I imagine they appreciate the little things.

I am privileged to have seen this thirst for life so simply displayed by a daily activity from someone who probably didn’t even notice we were there.

At times when I am feeling sorry for myself I take a moment to remember this, it reminds me of my father’s determination to spend a few minutes each day outside even when his body and MS say “not today mate”.

Perhaps we need to look to the older generations for inspiration? I certainly think so, we take too much for granted and get sucked into the world of the internet – it is something I’m striving to change.


I will let you know where this special place is when I write about the route we took, it will be linked from here once I’ve got it all laid out nicely for you.

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