Beautiful Brittany France ~ Rough, Rugged, Tranquil and Timeless

Welcome to Brittany, France. This page is a road map to help you find out more about this region of France. Some may say that it lacks the climate of the south, but it is easy to access and holds a rich and unique culture of its own as well stunning coasts and beautiful inland scenery and quaint villages.

Brittany  France

Tahiti Beach, Brittany, France

One of the things I love about Brittany (aside from the accessibility) is the coastline, it is beautiful. Rough and rugged in places yet on the southern coast you can find Tahiti Beach, aptly named because you could very well be on the other side of the world. White sand gives way to shallow blue waters and tranquility. We stayed near Pont Aven which is just a few moments away in the car, this small town in itself is a picturesque and calming place to visit. If you like butter biscuits you are in the right place here, there are several shops selling the delicious traditional cookies and butter cakes and let’s face it – what is there not to like about French butter!

Brittany, Reservoir de Saint-Michel

Driving to Roscoff from Pont Aven you get this wonderful view of Reservoir de Saint-Michel.

I will dive into the places I think are great if you are hoping to visit Brittany in a number of other posts, taking in the culture as well as the routes we take when we visit. The plan is to visit often so you can expect the posts to keep coming as we take another shot at driving in France! In terms of getting there, if you are driving to France the ferry from Plymouth in the UK takes you to Roscoff and places you perfectly for to explore, in fact two of my favourite places are within twenty minutes of the port, I am fortunate to live in the South West of England within reach of both Portsmouth and Plymouth so weekend breaks are also a possibility for me, especially when Brittany ferries have their four day specials on! There are other routes coming into the region which bring you slightly further up the coast as well, ferries come in from Ireland and there are a number of regional airports – it really depends on your preference.

This region is featured in a short book which is part of my Travels With Lola series, based on driving in Brittany and exploring the region on a whistle stop tour. There will be many others in the series – as many as my time allows in fact, and the books will also dovetail with my soon to be released Clancy Goes To France (on the back roads with Lola) which is an account of our road trip in a car with 1 Million KM on the clock. You can also take the ferry to other ports further along the coast but I like Roscoff, perhaps influenced by the accessibility to local towns within moments. I talk about the various ferry options to France on my Brittany Ferries page, I will also add links to other channel crossing providers and their perceived benefits.

I have recently written a post about a A Special Day In Brittany, it was one which I will always remember and if you’d like to understand why please, take a moment to read it.

I hope to have all of my resources pooled within two months; free guides and links to the companies we recommend, and places we have stayed will be part of those.

In the mean time, if you would like to be notified of new articles when published, special offers if we hear of them and sneak previews of my book please enter your details in the sign up form on the sidebar of the page. I plan to run competitions to win books and paintings each month so I hope you will enjoy being part of our journey. Until I complete all of this may I leave you with map for your quick reference, I will be using these to track the routes we take while we are driving in France, and of course, that includes Brittany.

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