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Creative Living

Creative Living is the starting point for us to inspire and support families around the world to live balanced lives. Life gets busy, we have far too many commitments yet we continue to push. Often this means that we neglect our own well being and become frustrated, taking it out on our loved ones.

Our free digital magazine is being launched to give you an insight into those who have made big life changes in order to change their priorities and in turn, lead a happier life. As a life coach and somebody who has a professional consulting career behind me I am in a position to provide pratical tools as well.

I am also someone who has decided to make changes to be with my daughter and although I am incredibly happy with the way things are, I still have some way to go until I am where I want to be. There are areas of my health, finance and home which can be improved, so in name of leading by example I am setting myself up to be transparent as I personally take small steps to achieve greater goals.

One of these goals is to launch the magazine in June. I have a couple of weeks in France in May but I am determined to reach this milestone.

In the meantime, I will continue to write on the blog here and share a fortnightly overview via our newsletter. If you’d like to be kept informed please sign up.



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