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Bernie’s Book Club

Bernie the Bear with Lola!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life should be about sharing fun and experiences with our loved ones. Bernie’s Book Club is exactly that. Lola and I create stories together and we want to share them with you. In addition, we want to encourage other families to enjoy¬†storytelling, so we’re also adding creative writing prompts into the mix so that you can learn with us.

Bernie’s Book Club is named after Lola’s teddy bear who joins us on the road. There is a story about how he came into being which is in an upcoming book. Once published a free copy will be sent to all of our subscribers (June 2017 publication date.)

There is a serious side to this. I feel that as humans, our ability to communicate well in writing is becoming overshadowed by Instant Messages and Social Media. The use of predictive text, emojis and the like concerns me and so I want to encourage literacy and learning in our children. They are the future of the world and to think about the loss of such fundamental skills is scary.

Bernie’s Book Club is a membership subscription to receive all of our books in digital format as well as the related creative writing prompts. The books are available for resale on Amazon and other platforms but I want to offer you a fixed fee for the lot.

This year (2017) I am offering the membership for a lifetime access fee of $7 USD / ¬£5 GBP. I will put this up in 2018 when there are more books and it’s likely to change to an annual subscription. If I’m honest, this is really about my desire to involve children in creative pursuits, but I do need to earn a living. Offering a nominal fee for membership helps support our publishing costs across the board.

I will also be asking for submissions from children that I can include in an annual book which will celebrate both our community and the growth of families learning together through literacy and creativity. Words and art are both fine, after all a picture says a thousand words!

In summary a subscription to Bernie’s Book Club includes digital copies of:

  • Clancy Goes To France (Travel Memoir)
  • All of our children’s books
  • Activities and storytelling prompts
  • Submission and publication of your children’s stories
  • All future eBooks

So what do you think? Is it worth a little of your hard earned money to be a part of Bernie’s Book Club?

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