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Letters to Lola

Living La Vida Lola was born 18 months after Lola was.

Initilaly, I had a vision of creating something that allowed me to document our life together for her to read later as well as share our journey with others. Since then we have moved several times and have had somewhat of a rollercoaster ride.  Now, I finally feel that I am ready to start doing what I had in my mind. To become my dream.

My priority is making the most of time. Returning to the UK after 12 years overseas has reminded me of the importance of family. It is the reason we are here, the driver behind my road trip and the book I am now working on. Through my writing it is my aim to not only create a place to share memories with Lola but to inspire others to step back and see just how quickly time flies.

My desired outcome is to see families sharing precious moments and removing the stress that modern life inevitably brings. Letters To Lola is a personal element of Living La Vida Lola, one where I can write to Lola about the things that may fade from memory in the future; the little things. Those are the things that make us smile when we recall them or perhaps bring a tear to the eye.

From the links on this page you can read more if you choose, perhaps you can create something similar for your children. If you think you don’t have the time, make the time. Switch off your phone for 10 minutes, stay off Facebook or make it a habit to write before you go to bed.

There is nothing more important than the time we have with our loved ones.

This page and category is about us and I hope it inspires you to be brave enough to say no sometimes and to spend the time you’ll never get back with your loved ones.

Letters to Lola

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