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Thanks for visiting Living La Vida Lola. Before you go any further, let me give you an introduction to our website. The rest of this page is a  guide to what we're about, where we've been and where we're going.

Our Ethos

It's simple, life is short and we believe that sharing it makes it  more precious. Fun and experiences are a great way for children to learn, and  being present while they do so is rewarding and fulfilling.

  It's not always easy to find the right balance, so we aim to help you through supportive tools and inspiration.

Travels with Lola

These books are full length non-fiction memoirs documenting our travels. To be honest, they are my guilty pleasure. Being able to write and reminisce about the places we visit is wonderful.

We also continue to support MS research through book sales, and if I can inspire you to follow a few of your dreams too it's a bonus!

Children's Books

Based on our travels, excursions and adventures, these children's books are written by me and Lola together. They include photos of places we visit and illustrations crafted by Lola's hand.

Part two of each book is dedicated to activities and education, thus supporting my belief that the future of our children lies in our hands. 

Browse by category across quick reads and longer posts, all written from the heart.​

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​A little more about us.

This is the bit where I fill you in a little more about us and how we live our life. Fundamentally, it includes creation of resources for families who wish to spend time together, embracing the world around us a classroom.. In addition to this, I am a self-employed writer. Working at home is one of the things I have to weave into the equation, balancing it with being a single mum. 

My ongoing project which brings all of these things together is Travels With Lola, the series of books that allows me to share our journey with our readers. Lola is very much a part of the writing, illustrating and publishing process and loves both the research (read travel!) and creating the stories with me. 

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