Reality Is Kicking In!

Day to Day Life Travelling with Children

Today I’ve been sitting here with pencil and paper making a list of what I need to do in order to get my road trip organised. It has gone from being a dream to a reality in the space of a couple of days simply by changing my mindset. I have recently been subscribing to a chap called Mike Klingler on Facebook who writes and teaches about empathy driven careers and following your passion. I agreed and completely related to his posts but was embroiled in the day to day concerns of making ends meet and trying to make money online mainly through SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Last week I realised that my income is going to reduce considerably in April and I had to do some serious thinking. I have been paying subscriptions for software in order to run my online business and the reality is that $100 per month is a lot of money for a single mum. After a couple of days I suddenly thought well there has to be a way to do this road trip aside from saving a vast amount of money. I have also been struggling with being unable to help with a family member’s health situation, feeling somewhat helpless. That’s when I had an aha moment. I can do this road trip for charity and that is where 2 Girls and a Lion starts.

It is a little scary because something I have been yearning both as a mother, to teach Lola about the world, and as an individual to travel and write a book, looks like it’s going to happen. By going into print, telling the world and reaching out for sponsorship there is really no going back, Lola and I are going on the road!

There is much more to the background of this story, the car I will be driving is a story in itself and the two charities I am supporting are close to my heart. As I write my posts I think this will all unravel naturally. For now, my head is spinning, my daughter’s easel has become my whiteboard and I need a large map of Europe so that I can map my route! Then of course is the proposal that I need to prepare if I am to approach companies for sponsorship. It’s a big job but one that I am extremely excited by!

I shall leave it there for now but I will be back soon with more ramblings from a very excited, million miles an hour mind!

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  1. Wow is all I can say. Sounds like you are taking on quite the journey, but it sounds exciting. And what an example you are setting for your daughter. Some great fodder for blogs, that’s for sure.

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