The Stonecutter Story.

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As I write I am sitting in my garden, blue skies, gentle breeze and only the sounds of a bumble bee and the wind in the trees.  I’m sitting here doing something I enjoy and hopefully in due course, it will also pay dividends.


One thing I have learned in my varied attempts to make money online is that is doesn’t happen overnight. There is no get rich quick scheme, but if you find something you enjoy and do a little every day things will start to happen for you. I recently read a quote about a stonecutter.


“I watched a stonecutter strike a rock ninety nine times, the one hundredth time he split it straight through”


From this I take it that faith in yourself and perseverance go a long way. Of course it helps to know where you are heading and you need to apply some discipline but you really must never give up. Never let anyone talk you out of persuing something you really believe in, if you can visualise it and are excited by it you can achieve it.


I have often been know as a dreamer. An eternal entrepreneur who people never quite expect to succeed. The truth is those quiet thoughts and dreams are what allow me to focus on achieving what I want for myself and my daughter. Now, when I speak my dream aloud it sounds completely feasible and achievable. In fact, I know I have it right as when I tell somebody about what I do and what I want I can explain in a couple of sentences and they will understand. My ability to explain in simple terms means that I too understand what I need to do.


Now back to my place of work. I am getting a little hot in this gorgeous Autumn sunsine and am now going to cut short this post in search of refreshments.


My daughter will be home soon so my quiet enjoyment of this sunny afternoon will shortly be shattered by a 3 year old’s chatter and laughter. So we have come full circle when I say again, Oh how great it is to work at home.


To enjoy the the freedom to play with my daughter whilst working towards a worry free future for us.


It is indeed great to work at home.






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  1. Your post makes me a little homesick for my 3 year old son now all of twenty-two and off in grad school. I miss 3 year old laughter and chatter – enjoy!!

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