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Living La Vida Lola. What Life’s All About.

If you asked me 4 years ago what I’d be doing in 4 years I would not have known for one minute that I would be living back in the UK with my 3 year old daughter, Lola. At that time I was living in NZ in a very busy, well paid job and was planning a much awaited visit home after 7 years absence.  It was during that visit that I realised how unhappy I was with my situation in New Zealand and started to consider my options.


When I returned to work in NZ I was feeling very optimistic as had made the decision to go to Perth in Australia to study Environmental Science. It was also at this time that I realised that my body clock was ticking and I started to have random thoughts about how nice it would be to have a child to share my experiences. My partner at the time was absolutely against having children and when I look back, I realise that this is something that had been bugging me for some time.


Roll on February of 2009 when I found I was pregnant. I was a little shell shocked but very happy too. My main concern was that being in Sales and Marketing I had been burning the candle at both ends, late nights, too much alcohol and not enough sleep! At 36, already a high risk pregnancy this was a worry but it was a no brainer and there was absolutely no way I would have considered a termination.


Obviously this situation and the fact that my partner was unemployed put a different skew on my plans. It was head down bum up to earn as much as I could before Lola was born. This was also the time that I started to investigate the internet as a source of income. Now, for the purpose of this article I am not going to fill in the time between having Lola and now as I intend that journey to be part of the interactive nature of my website.


Today I am living back in the area where I was born with family nearby to support Lola and I. We have visited and lived in many places already in her short life which I think has had its benefits and downfalls. She is a well rounded child and makes me laugh every day but occassionally I do see the insecurities that have come from not having her father here and moving so often. She is now settled in a local Montessori setting, something that I have wanted since I was pregnant and researching early childhood.


I intend to continue travelling with her and giving her the fullest life I can. It has been a hard few years but I feel that now we are finally on the right track. I am able to work online and have decided to launch Living La Vida Lola as Lola turns 3 as it feels like things are coming together for us at last.


As the website grows I intend to share our experiences and also will be offering advice on working for yourself whether it is online or offline. It is a constant juggling act and I often drop the odd ball but the important thing is to keep going. I hope you enjoy reading about my life with Lola and find some of my information useful. with all that said, here we go on the next leg of our journey, Living La Vida Lola!

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Thank you for visiting. I am first and foremost, a single mum to a beautiful daughter. ​The other hat I wear is an author who loves to travel and learn, inspiring others along the way. As a parent, I am driven to inspire my daughter through the world around us. I am very aware that life is short and I don't want to find myself looking at Lola at 16, thinking "wow, where did the time go!"

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