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6 Months On and Still Writing!

It’s 13th March today, my 42nd birthday is tomorrow and I had hoped to have the book ready by now. I’m not concerned though, the whole idea behind the book was enjoying the journey, embracing challenges and adapting to what life throws at us; this is really just another case of things not going exactly as planned and me stepping back and looking at it from a new perspective.

A few weeks ago I felt a little anxious as I was hitting a number of obstacles as I was trying to write. At the end of the day I have to earn a living and look after Lola as well as write a book which both myself and my father can be proud of.

After meeting with the editor of MS matters magazine I realised that what I am experiencing is normal, the average edits a book goes through is 12;  you probably write 1,000 words to get the 100 you really want.  So now, I am back to just getting on with it at my pace.

In all honesty the problem hasn’t been not enough writing but too much! I recently wrote a piece for Club Peugeot which was supposed to be a 500 word article; it turned out at 2000 so I had to do some nifty foot work there too! The book is the same, I go in to so much detail along the way, off in my own little dream world, that I forget I have to limit things to fit in a book! I am saving all of the writing though as what doesn’t go in will find it’s way on to the website or perhaps another book in the future.

So for now, as the 6 month point approaches all I can do is persevere. I know that I will look back and be proud of what I have achieved eventually but in the mean time I have to take my own advice and make the most of the time I have with Lola and the rest of my family. Writing needs to fit in around providing an income for us and the time that I believe is invaluable, with loved ones.

On the way home at Calais Ferry Port

On the way home in our Peugeot 504

Any donations are of course appreciated while you await the long anticipated final copy of the book and our adventure. Thank you for your patience.


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