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Browse my art and feel inspired. I hope that these paintings, inspiration for which is drawn from my travels, will bring a little happiness to those who purchase them. I will be adding links to further photos and a related post for each image over the next couple of weeks. 

Overall, my vision is to blend my love of travel, writing and art. Just like my writing, my art and photographs will tell you a story. 
Monet's Garden

Inspired by the colours of Monet's Garden in GIverny, France.

Abstract painting red and blue

Inspired by dramatic sunsets in the Pyrenees Orientales, where the mountains reach the sea.

Original acrylic poppies painting

Inspired by coastal walks where you just don't know what the view will be when you break through the pathway to the clifftop.

Art inspired by travel by Emma Herbert.  These will brighten your day and take you away! 

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