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A Moment to Reflect – Focus on the Good Bits


11 months have now passed since I first contemplated the idea of taking one of my father’s cars to France.  From that seed of a thought has transpired a year of growth and learning which I am entirely grateful for.

Who would have thought that I would be sitting here today writing a book about our trip, and reminiscing with Lola about some of the moments we shared.

Life is short and there is no reason why anyone can’t achieve something if they truly believe in it.

I am living proof!

There must be an inner desire to drive you but if you are able to tap in to whatever that is you are well on the path to achieving.

You may have a goal which is health related, it could be a desire to visit somewhere or perhaps like me, you have a big picture that you want to see yourself living.

Whatever it is, when you learn the skills to open your mind; to see obstacles as opportunities and reflect on the positive leaving the negative behind you will move towards your goal.

It is such a valuable and powerful skill, to see the good in a bad situation. Just mastering this is a step towards removing stress and anxiety.

It is a skill that I used while I was away, I could have let a painful neck stop me in my tracks but instead I changed the route to make the driving easier for me. It resulted in traversing the breathtaking scenery of the Pyrenees and as a bonus Lola’s vocabulary improved greatly! By the end of the day she was saying “simply stunning” and taking large inhales of breath followed by the odd “astonishing scenery mummy”.

Life is full of setbacks and often we are so busy focusing on them that we choose to overlook the good things.

If you have a day where you are thinking “why me?” try writing down the good things that have happened instead of focusing on the fact that the washing machine broke!

You may be surprised at how good your day has actually been.



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